Terms and Conditions

We encourage reservations for all guests, to guarantee availability.  
Walk Ins are welcome, but keep in mind that you are subject to our availability when not making prior arrangements.  For off season visits, reservations are helpful to insure proper staffing is here and ready to put you out on the water.  

Floating and Camping require a 100% deposit in advance.  

Camping reservations can be made for 2 guests on each site, allowing you to finalize your group either prior to your arrival date, or on the day of at the time of check in.  

While we allow site selection when reserving, we do reserve the right to move your campsite for any reason that could arise, at our discretion.  

Lodging should always be reserved ahead of time.  Our ever popular River House requires the first nights stay in advance to complete the reservation.

Cancellation Policy


We require a 7 day advance notice for all reservation cancellations.  The river house requires a 30 day notice to receive a refund of your deposit.  

If proper notice has been given, we will refund your deposit, less a 10% cancellation fee.

This policy is strictly adhered to. Please consider this prior to making your reservations.

Raincheck Policy – Inclement Weather

Float Trips are rain or shine.  If there is extreme weather and we cannot start your trip by 1pm, we will issue a rain check, valid through October 31st of the year issued. We welcome you back on a sunnier day!

Please note;

We cannot control the weather any more than the weathermen themselves.  Therefore, all reservations will be held to this policy. The determination is made the day of, based on what is happening at the resort and what is expected for the remainder of the day.  

No rain checks will be issued in advance.  If you choose to cancel your reservation, please reference the Cancellation Policy above.

Absolutely no refunds or rain checks for any lodging when Inclement Weather is present.

Other Policies

Resort Pricing

Weekend Pricing for Floating is Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Holiday Weekends (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) incur the weekend price on Friday & Monday

As we welcome you to the resort, we ask that each guest follows our check in procedures to help assure safety for all.  

All guests must first register at the office, even with advance reservations made online or by phone.  
When checking in, our team will review your reservation with you, or make one for you if needed!  We will collect your balance due, if any and then have you sign your Check In Forms and Register your Vehicle.  If you could, please have your make/model and plate number handy, right after this, we’ll give you your vehicle pass and then guide you to your destination.

We do inspect all vehicles for proper registration.  You must be able to present your registration information at all times while at the resort.

Pet Policy

Here at Big Elk, we welcome your Pets, we even have a few of our own that you may meet while you are here.  All guests are expected to clean up after their pets. Extra fees apply for anyone who expects the park staff to do their ‘dirty work’ for them!

We limit each site to 2 pets.

We charge $10 per pet, per night in the campground.  There is an additional $10 charge for any pets who float with you.

We do not allow aggressive breeds.  Here are the breeds not permitted here at Big Elk.

  • Bull Mastif
  • Rottweiler
  • Akita’s
  • Chow Chow
  • Boxers
  • Pinchers
  • Great Dane
  • Huskies and Malamutes
  • Pit Bulls & All BullDog Breeds
  • Dalmatians
  • German Shepherd

If you have any questions about the allowance of your pet, please call or email us ahead of time.

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