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While the river is an amazing place to both relax and play, there are also a few other options that can perfectly showcase why we’re so proud to be a part of this beautiful County. If being outdoors is your forte, options include:

Big Sugar Creek State Park,

Huckleberry Ridge Conservation Area,

Chinquapin Trail,

Buffalo Hills Natural Area, and seasonally,

Right Choices Corn Maze is great for the family!

Pineville Bike Park and Trail


You and your family could also take a trip to the Historic McDonald County Courthouse Museum to learn about our rich history, and who doesn’t want to hear the story of Jesse James? Wish to be enjoying life in the cool underground? McDonald County is home to 530 explored caves! Enjoy the tours available at Bluffdwellers’ Cave, or if you have a knack for exploring on your own, take a trip to one of these caves! Whatever you enjoy doing, you’re sure to find something to fall in love with, and many more reasons to come back.


Here are a few other Nearby attractions you may enjoy:


Crystal Bridges Museum 21 miles away

Branson, Missouri 83 miles away

Eureka Springs, Arkansas 52 miles away

Grand Lake of the Cherokees 30 miles away


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