B3: The Hut


This site is the home of the original ‘Hut’.

Located on site B3, we have the bathhouse to one side, and the river on the other.

A fun getaway for two people (or add additional people for an extra charge), that has 1 queen sized bed and 1 queen sized bunk.

Also included is a coffee pot and a grill for those who ask.

Come unplug and unwind in a small rustic cabin with a beautiful Elk River view.

*Things not included: Sheets, Towels, Pillows, Fridge

*This particular site has some shade.



Located on the little hill to the first left, this spot is ideal for small families.

This site has a Hut that Sleeps 2 adults with the base price.

Each added adult will be an additional charge.

This particular site has partial shade.

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