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Small but mighty McDonald County does not fall far on the food chain, with a mix of local restaurants and well known corporations, you’re sure to find something to love you eat, yet another reason to keep coming back each year. 
When a well known meal is all you need, stop in at McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Sonic, Casey’s, Simple Simon’s, Mazzio’s, Subway, or our two locations of Daylight Donuts. 
Thinking local, but quick? Try out Burger Time (voted the best french fries in McDonald County), Oriental Fusion*, Lizzy G’s BBQ*, Champ’s Chicken,  Papusa’s Tacos*, Country Market, or even Pineville Bowling Alley for some killer pizza. 
Fueling up for the big float? Marydean’s and Cliffside Cafe will get you set up with the classic American Breakfast, or Stang’s Travel Center will serve you some hot biscuits and gravy to-go. Amaalina’s in Noel puts Mexican food twists on the typical breakfast to switch things up, and The Mustang Bistro is the best of both worlds, with handcrafted coffees and delightful breakfast sandwiches. 

Sit down with the family after a long day to enjoy Los Maricahi’s, Paisa’s Mexican Food, Rosita’s,The Thai Cafe, and the award winning Haven-55. Family joints with a laid back style are also all over the county, so head on over to Bob’s Hometown Pizza, The Cave Grill, Bubba’s BBQ, Rucker’s Bar and Grill, or get takeout from the Tavern at Haven. 

Cap off the day with some sweet treats served up at Tropical Sno* (often found at Big Elk), U-Scream Ice Cream*, County Custard, or the Jane Store. 

Supporting local businesses is what creates a local community, so help ours thrive by taking stories and memories back to yours!

 *: Indicates food trucks that vary in hours of operation and locations. 

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