Just Beachin’? Not In Our House!

Life’s a beach, come to the river instead!

Everyone says they love the beach, but do they really? Here at Big Elk, we never leave the beach without jellyfish stings, salt in our eyes, and sand where it definitely should not be. These are things that stick with us well beyond the ocean, and frankly, don’t leave us with very fond memories. We are river people, and there are so many reasons you should be too!

  1. We save the salt for the dinner table! You won’t leave our water with salt in your mouth, eyes, swimsuit, nose, or ears! We only give you river rats the cleanest, freshest water that flows right from Big Sugar Creek into the Elk River!
  2. While some people ‘yak on the ocean, that’s not our jam. Here at the river you always have a destination, a winding, wet path to where you’re supposed to be (never just paddling in circles). What you do on that journey is your business, you make the decisions, and the river is just there to help you out.
  3. We have spots for all types of crowds. Big Elk may be the greatest floating and camping outfitter in the universe, but there are tons of other options on the river for those who don’t believe that to be true (we won’t judge you too much).
  4. Our locals LOVE tourists! The beach locals don’t like when you come into town, but we celebrate at the river, it’s our way of life, and we are so thankful to share that with people from all over the world. We want to see your faces, hear your stories, and make your vacation the best one yet.
  5. We give you more bang for your buck! Want to go floating, camping, spelunking, bowling, and eat a five star meal right on the water? It’s still more cost effective than a hotel room with a two day beach pass (and it’s way more fun)!

The bottom line is, we love the river and all it gifts us, and we know that you will too!

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