Elk River Authority

Sporting Goods Store in McDonald County, Missouri!
For all of our travelers and residents too, Big Elk Floats and Camping is a great pit stop for all of your sporting goods needs.  Our office and store holds plenty in stock but when you are planning your trip and need some of our other goodies, you can order online and have it shipped right to your door!

Here are some of the items we keep in stock:

Wood | Ice | Soda Snacks | Sunglasses | Water Shoes | Dry | Boxes | Fishing Tackle | Fishing Poles | Night Crawlers | Sunblock | Bug Spray |

We have many more items that we keep around, including wonderful souvenirs! 
Plan to stop here first, if we don’t have something you are looking for we can point you in the best direction to get it.  

Visit our Online Shop to select from our extensive product catalog.  This items can be shipped direct to your door or even right to our door, ready for you arrival.  Purchases should be made about two weeks in advance in order to make it to you or us before your arrival, to be safe.  In case of emergency, contact us before purchasing and we’ll advise you on how to best handle your purchasing need

Just Beachin’? Not In Our House!

Life’s a beach, come to the river instead! Everyone says they love the beach, but do they really? Here at Big Elk, we never leave the beach without jellyfish stings, salt in our eyes, and sand where it definitely should not be. These are things that stick with us well beyond the ocean, and frankly,

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Never planned a camping trip? Use these 5 tips to get started.

  If you’ve never been camping, you may have endless questions. But we’re here to help that unknowning of what to do. Don’t overthink it! It’s easy, and once you have planned your first trip, you’ll be hooked forever. First things first, you need to: 1. Decide on date and make reservations. You’ve got to

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